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Brass and Aluminum Decorative Rocketry Plaques

  • Decorate your car bumper or window, trailer, rocket box etc. 

  • These plaques are hand cast  in sand molds.

  • Available in painted aluminum in 4 colors or brass finished with a brown patina.

  • Each plaque is approximately 2-7/8 x 4-7/8  inches.

  • 10% of all Tripoli logo sales goes to Tripoli Rocketry Association 
    to help provide support for your hobby!

  • Plaques attach with included double-sided automotive molding tape.

  • $10 for painted aluminum plaques each plus shipping.

  • $15 for brass plaques each plus shipping.
    (Kansas residents will be charged 6.5% state sales tax at checkout.
                All applicable local sales taxes are included in the sale price.)


Tripoli Aluminum Plaque - $10 

9 in stock

Tripoli Brass Plaque - $15 

2 in stock



Kloudbusters Aluminum Plaque - $10 

7 in stock

Kloudbusters Brass Plaque - $15 

0 in stock


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